Hi! I am Christina

From the moment I remembered myself I was a person full of curiosity, looking for communication with people and a way to give them a little smile. 

How we can change

During my studies and my effort to discover the world, I managed not only to shake down ideas that had nourished my brain for years, but in a way that had trapped my soul.
Models of how I will succeed, be happy and how I will essentially live my life and leading me towards directions that did not fit the one I wanted to take.

The external change of my life, having lived from France to England, and incredible India, led to an internal change and development.
The challenges that I faced made me doubt on a lot of aspects of life, but better select the one that suits me best.

What we have and what we need

I believe that we all have special talents and unique experiences that can lead us in finding the direction we want to take in our lives.
We only need to free ourselves from our fears, our doubts, and toxic relationships and develop a healthy environment for us and the ones we care and love.

During this internal travel, we often need someone to accompany us holding our hand and challenging us in fulfilling what we call dreams but we hesitate setting them as actual goals.
For me, these were all the wonderful people I have met in my life, my faith in continuous personal development and my life coach!

The world I Dream of Dream of Dream of Dream of Dream of

I have my own dream

Create the life you dream

If we all manage to create the life we dream of, the many of the modern life problems will be eliminated.

Getting to know ourselves, understanding our needs, setting our goals, ultimately trying to achieve them, learning by our mistakes, and trying again wholeheartedly, we can create the world I dream of.

And yes, I want to put my efforts wholeheartedly as well!

The world you dream

We are so focused in covering our superficial needs, which are decided for us, without us and we do not take a little time to pause and realise that life can run through our hands.

And for what reason?

Because we did not take this little time to set the foundation for what we want to achieve with it. I want to be there, to listen to you carefully, to help you, to support you and get to know your version of the world you dream of and your place in it!

Our collaboration

Coaching Style

I use strategies and tools that are likely to be most effective and adapted to your situation. These are all based on leading research in coaching, neuro linguistic programming, positive psychology, mindfulness and personal development.

You can expect an atmosphere of openness, kindness and unconditional acceptance working with me. All that only in exchange of your commitment to the process and childlike curiosity  and enthusiasm for our path.

I strongly believe that the body is a vessel to express and connect with our inner purpose, so that we can bring it to the outer level. Therefore, I use a somatic approach to my coaching, implementing techniques that allow you to get the wisdom in you. 

I love  having fun and playing with lightness during the process, so I use humour in my work as a coach. Sometimes a good laugh is what you need for overcoming the hardships of the moment. 

I consider myself to be the kind adult that can guide you and support you, the good enough protector and projector to all the greatness that resides in you and awaits for you to manifest it. 

Succesful coaching

The principles to which I commit in order to maintain and promote the best of the profession of Life Coaching:

Let's get in touch

Make the change you want with me

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