Career Coaching

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  • Do you feel that you don’t know which career will bring you fulfilment?

  • Do you struggle to move on from terrible professional experiences? 

  • Are you stuck in your job research and don’t get far in the interview process? 

Career coaching is for you if you want to explore opportunities for professional development. If you want support through the ups and downs of looking for a new job or evolving on your existing one. A career coach is a professional in career planning that can help you reach your fullest professional potential. 


What does a career coach do? 

Career coaches have specific training in resume building, career planning, interviewing and coaching and they can help you identify your career goal, exploit your strengths, invest in the necessary skills to overcome your weaknesses and become more successful in your career. 

As a career coach, I use a combination of career planning tools that will fit your professional development goal and guide you in your growth. You can expect me to challenge you to go out of your comfort zone, raise your motivation and boost you to reach the results you deserve! We will explore your career with excitement and commitment, using your genius zones to help you navigate your career path. I will support you with practical planning tools, guidelines on the preparation of your job research and encourage you and hold you responsible and accountable for your action plan.

How does career coaching work?

When you work with me as your career coach, we will agree on a series of one-on-one sessions that usually last 60 minutes each. The frequency is usually every week, or every second week, with a brief call every week to track your progress – depending on your needs.

career coaching

As a career coach I can help you: 

  • Prepare a competitive resume 
  • Practice your interviewing skills 
  • Promote yourself through Linkedin 
  • Prepare an appealing cover letter 
  • Organise your job research  
  • Make a strategic career change

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