Build a routine with harmonious habits with us!

What are these challenges and how does it work?

It’s an easy and fun way to experiment with habits that bring harmony in our life, connected to our mind and our body, for a holistic approach in life! 
We tell you exactly what you need to do day-by-day, so you build a positive habit for a lifetime.
No more than 21 minutes a day.

Download the guide book & get all info instantly

Join the challenge and get a comprehensive E-Book Challenge Guide and 21-Day Action Plan.

Get daily tasks and reminders for motivation

Every day for 21 days you will unlock new learnings, guidance, inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Achieve more with your accountability group

Join our Daily Becoming Facebook Group and share your experience, ask questions and get answers from like minded people!

Track results & celebrate your progress

Track your daily progress for 21 days to capture your success and identify the potential for growth.

Why challenge yourself?

Harmonious habits

While 21 days is just a beginning, after completing one of our 21 Day Challenges, it will be a lot easier to continue and implement the harmonious habits into your daily lifestyle that are connected to your mind and body, for a holistic approach.

1 thing at a time

Life isn't always easy and we all know it. When we set one thing at a time as a goal, this is more achievable, and more important than working on changing many different things right away. By improving day-by-day, focusing on one thing per month, you will be able to live a happier, less stressful and more balanced life.

Growth is happiness

As humans we are wired to strive for self-improvement and growth, even when life just happens! Our 21 Day Challenge is the perfect way to take the first step towards continuous and fun personal growth and share this path with others.

Why 21 day challenge?

Building a habit is a continuous work. So how about we give it a try together for 21 days and see how it fits us? Let’s experiment together; at daily becoming we believe it’s the perfect amount of time to make a change that’s achievable yet challenging enough. Every single day is a small victory for us and crucial to building a habit. Therefore let’s do this for 21 days and see for yourself how quickly and effortlessly the harmonious habit becomes part of your daily lifestyle!

You can download your Gratitude Guidebook here

Gratitude Challenge Guidebook


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